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Synnex New Zealand

Synnex Global:
Synnex Corporation, a Fortune 500 corporation, is a leading business process services company, servicing resellers, retailers and original equipment manufacturers in multiple regions around the world. The Company provides services in IT distribution, supply chain management, contract assembly and business process outsourcing. Founded in 1980, SYNNEX employs over 11,000 full-time and part-time associates worldwide.

Synnex New Zealand:
Synnex New Zealand is a wholly owned subsidiary of Synnex Technology International Corporation, the largest IT distribution company in both Australia and Asia Pacific and ranked the third largest worldwide. Synnex endeavours to service all businesses in the ICT industry including SME Resellers, System Integrators, Computer Retailers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Corporate Retailers, National Retailers and VARs. Importantly, Synnex has established strategic partnerships with a broad range of leading IT manufacturers.

Synnex differentiates itself from its competitors by its expertise in Supply Chain Management (SCM). The strategic implementation of Just in Time Delivery (JIT) offers scheduled deliveries and an efficient RMA service provides rapid warranty replacement. Superior SCM also ensures inventory is available and items are current.

Brands represented:


Why deal with Synnex New Zealand?
The key benefits are summarised in what is called “The Synnex Difference”.

The Synnex Difference:

- Team Synnex. Synnex employees bring many years of distribution experience and are here to help providing advice, processing orders efficiently with a focus on accuracy.
- Specialised. Specialised in logistics Synnex is focused on helping its customers get the products and services they need where they need them within the required timeframe.
- Proven processes. ISO quality certification through international relationships has allowed Synnex to capitalise on best practice providing both reliability and scalability of functions.
- Synnex online. Access to the company website "Synnex Online" provides resellers with a wealth of information including product side-by-side comparisons, stock arrival, pricing information, detailed product information with images and customisable CSV files.
- Additional credit. Synnex has a flexible credit policy allowing increased responsiveness when its customers have large requirements for projects.
- Fantastic promotions. Synnex customers receive daily emails with hot Synnex exclusive specials and vendor promotions designed to reward and recognise customer loyalty.
- Alternative source of supply. Synnex customers gain a competitive advantage when they purchase products from their extensive and available product range. 

Product categories by vendor:

How to open an account with Synnex:

If you would like to leverage the Synnex Difference please visit www.synnex.co.nz to download our reseller application form. Once completed and returned you will receive a quick reference sheet that contains all the information you require to start ordering products from Synnex. You will also receive a “Synnex Who’s Who” with Synnex staff photos and contact details as well as details for your webmaster on accessing the Synnex website.

Additional information?

Our Business Development Representatives are keen to meet or call you. Simply send an email to newaccounts@nz.synnex-grp.com along with your contact details including your name, company information, and phone numbers and we will make contact with you accordingly. Alternatively please phone our team by calling 09 271 5001. Please note that Synnex only sell to resellers and will not deal with end users.