CEO Update - COVID-19

  • Date:27-Mar-2020
  • Time: 4:46 PM

 This is an unprecedented time in our history. As we all continue to navigate through the COVID-19 uncertainties, Synnex New Zealand would like to reassure you that our business is operational and our commitment to the resellers who support essential businesses remains consistent.
Supporting our employees during this crisis is critical so that they are in the position to continue to provide you with the services and support you need with minimal disruption. To mitigate further risks, we have put in place enhanced remote working capabilities and are deploying all our workforce to work remotely where possible.
During this time, Synnex will be maintaining a small team of sales and management personnel. The goal of this team is to manage any orders and transactions to partners that provide services to essential business as defined by the government.
We will also have a limited logistics team to facilitate the pick, pack and dispatch of those orders.
During this transition, you might see an impact on delayed responses on our 0800 number. We encourage you to continue to be in contact with us through email or phone.
Our warehouses and distribution will remain in operation at a reduced capacity. Pick up services are suspended until further notice. You will still be able to access our B2B platform to place and manage your orders.
Please keep in mind the order and delivery process may not be running at optimal capacity and expectations on shipment turn-around time are to be lowered depending on the size and scope of the pending orders.
We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this challenging time together.
We remain committed to keeping you informed and finding ways to support you during this critical time.

Kee Ong
CEO, Synnex New Zealand

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