Synnex NZ gears up for cloud and warehouse expansion

  • Date:30-May-2016
  • Time: 10:05 AM

Synnex NZ gears up for cloud and warehouse expansion.

Over the course of the past year, the ICT supply industry has become more competitive than ever. Competition amongst resellers and also distributors has never been so prevalent. It is during these challenging times, only the fittest will survive.

Synnex is once again thriving in this highly dynamic and fluid market. we are expecting another double-digit revenue growth in 2016 and our entire team are challenging ourselves to continuously invent and innovate. To ensure the sustainability of our continued growth, Synnex is currently at the
final stages of relocating to our brand new facility that has close to three times the storage and logistics capacity. The upgrade will help ensure our basic infrastructure can cope with our growth for at least the next three to five years. The move is scheduled to take place by end of May, 2016. The relocation comes only a little over a year after re-racking our current warehouse that provided an additional 40% capacity on the back of high growth numbers. The new distribution facility will be within walking distance from our current facility. 

As the thirst for Cloud Computing intensifies, this topic has rapidly become a ‘fundamental’ and part of every distributor’s priority. Synnex New Zealand is excited to announce that Cloud Services are also on the cards for New Zealand. Synnex Australia has successfully launched Cloud Services earlier this year and New Zealand will be expecting implementation in the second half of this year. The Cloud offering will be integrated into our current ERP system and eCommerce portal that Synnex New Zealand launched last year. The platform will be extremely intuitive to use and will help resellers manage cloud services under one platform. 

New Building and Cloud

With the new Synnex Cloud Automation platform, we are offering an upsell opportunity for our partners to bundle Cloud solutions with their existing hardware and software sales. Channel partners can establish a great recurring business model. This platform also offers significant value to Cloud resellers to transact, manage and provision their Cloud business under a single fully integrated portal. Synnex will keep all our resellers updated on progress of our NZ Cloud platform, stay tuned for further information.

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